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L.T. Biggs Family Photos


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Happy 40th Birthday, Randall!

Why, I remember the day he was born...

Not very well, mind you (hey, I was only 2).  But I do have some fuzzy memories of walking through the hospital parking lot on the way to pick up Mom and the new baby.  Little did I know what awaited me... all the pleasures of sibling rivalry! 
But seriously, folks, what would our lives have been like without Randall, the 24-hour Party Animal and 'bone player extraordinaire?
On this, the eve of the 40th Anniversary of Randall's birth, I'm asking his nearest and dearest to post greetings and congratulations to this website.  (I won't tell Rand about it until his birthday.)  So please contribute by clicking on the text below.

Click HERE to e-mail a birthday message to Randall!

Hestand family, Easter 1962
Easter, 1962

Happy Birthday, Rand.  We love you!

Nelda and Baby Randall, 1962
Nelda and Randall, 1962

What a cutie!  And check out that cake...

Randall on his very 1st Birthday.
Rand's 1st Birthday, 1963.

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