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L.T. Biggs Family Photos

July 27-29, 2001
The Running R Guest Ranch

Kudos to Shari for planning what was arguably the best family reunion the Biggs' have ever had. Although it was a little different from the ones we used to have in Ira, (i.e. we got to drink beer and we didn't sing any hymns) we spent a lot of time catching up on each other's lives and telling stories about old times.

Ideally, I would like us to treat this website as a family scrapbook that we all contribute to by adding memories - either in words or pictures - of the Bandera reunion or other family get-togethers. For family members who couldn't be in Bandera (you know who you are!) please share pictures of your families or your favorite memories of cousins, grandparents, siblings, etc.

If you are web-savvy and want to work on a page yourself, let me know and I'll send you the login information for the site. If you're not up for that, just email me your pictures and reminisces and I'll put them on the page.

Family Game Night

I can't believe a New Yorker would be so shocked at anything anyone said. Ellen is unaffected...

Rand and Rhett laugh over coffee

Rand, Rhetta and Reid wait to tie on the feedbags at the ride to breakfast.

Mary and Nelda on the trail

Notorious desperados "Scary" Mary Hedstan and Reckless Neldar Biggs, mounted on their trusty steeds.