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Room 101 - Do it to Julia
The Band That Never Was
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Room 101 - Do it to Julia

Room 101 will give you a taste of the audient palette available from B-Noir Film and Media. While we have provided music and sound for a variety of film, video, theater and performance, Room 101 is a band wherein our more outrageous collective musical fancies are realized.

What's on the Play List?

Click here to see what songs are in rotation at the IUMA site. Download or stream.

There you'll find some songs from Room 101's CD, "The Apocryphal Proverb of X and the Mermaid '69," and some new music from the soon to be released "welcome to dallas, mr. president."



mp3 files are mono and squeezed to facilitate downloads. For glorious stereo and uncompressed versions get the CD.

If you have problems with the download files please contact us at

Flavor of the Month

We will post new songs on the website every now and then, so if you're patient you will eventually hear most of the CD. Or if you just can't wait, you can email us at bnoir@juno.com and buy it right away!

I must have it now!

Mermaid; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Go to garageband.com

Go to garageband.com


alt back cover for mermaid - sue at 8th st nyc
overlay song titles right from top