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News and Events
David and I had a really great time in New York at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival.  Scorpio was very well received at the screening on Saturday, April 5.  Many of our old friends from New York were there, and even some loyal fans from Dallas made the trip.  We had a new and improved cut of Scorpio to show - thanks to our trusty friend, editor and cinematographer, John Preston, with audio help from the irreplaceable Alan Tubbs. 
We also got to catch up with some friends in the Wooster Group and see their show, "Brace Up!" which was excellent.  Director Liz LeCompte looked fantastic and was very warm and gracious to us. We saw the amazing Kate Valk and the incomparable Anna Kohler after the show, and Willem Dafoe kissed me!  (Swoon.  It's OK - I was cool about it at the time.) Sheena See and Ken Kobland, an awesome independent filmmaker, were also on hand - it was great to see them both.  If you have plans to be in New York, be sure to see if the Group has a show running.  Or if you're going to Europe this summer they will be on tour in Warsaw, Amsterdam and Berlin, so check them out.  They are one of the most innovative theater companies in the world and definitely worth seeing.
                                      -- Mary Hestand

The Wooster Group


Lower Manhattan - we were there...
The Deep Ellum Film Festival is coming up October 22-30, 2003. Check their website for applications: