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I am Scorpio


Dawn in a large city.  Turning down an offer to bed a cocktail waitress, a handsome young man leaves an after hours club to go home alone and obsess about himself.  Is he a narcissist?  No, in fact he is Narcissus.


I am Scorpio is a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Narcissus, the young man who fell in love with his own image.  It's the story of a very attractive man who cannot commit to anyone else, even temporarily.  At the bottom of his seeming self-centeredness and Narcissism lies a secret - his childhood sexual abuse.  His secret is revealed gradually in flashback sequences, as memories of his childhood are triggered by events during a day in his adult life.  On his way home from the club he sees things -- a newspaper, a flute, a flower, a child -- that spark memories of his loss of innocence.


Scorpio has been seen at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival in New York and Los Angeles, and was part of the Texas Show at the Dallas Video Festival.  The film also screened at the SXSW Festival with the  Texas Show.  Scorpio features actor Jonathan Brent, familiar to movie and television audiences from appearances in Catch Me If You Can (Steven Spielberg), Detention (Andy Anderson) and Six Feet Under, Pacific Blue, Sliders, Wishbone, and Walker Texas Ranger. 


David Nelson wrote and directed Scorpio.  David has worked on numerous film and video pieces as director, production designer, and art director.  He worked on dozens of commercials and directed many theater productions.  His film credits include the videos Hatmospheric Perspective, which he directed for the performance artist and filmmaker Drew Bird, and French Music and Convertible Dresses.


Mary Hestand produced Scorpio.  Most recently, Mary co-produced and created animations in After Effects for Hey, Hey a music video for the Butthole Surfers.  Hey, Hey  was recently seen in the 2003 Dallas Video Festival.  Mary co-wrote and directed Dog, seen at the USA Film Festival, on Frame of Mind on the PBS station KERA Channel 13/Channel 2 in Dallas, on cable television in New York City and on the Irving Community Television Network.  Her short film, He Was Once, received a Golden Gate Award for Best Short Narrative Film at the San Francisco Film Festival, and was also seen at the Sundance Festival, the USA Film Festival, on The Learning Channel and on PBS in New York as part of the Reel Life Series.


The cast for Scorpio includes Morgana Shaw (American Outlaws, Dr. T & the Women, Home Fries), Lisa Gabrielle Greene (Wishbone, Brutal Fury), Beau McDermott and Dalton T. James are also cast members.


"I am Scorpio" featuring Jonathan Brent and Beau McDermott.


Still of actor Jean Marais in Jean Cocteau's "Orpheus," an inspiration for "I am Scorpio."

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