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And More Still Images

This month, I am featuring stills from two short films I made. Collectively titled "Automythologies," the films are retellings of Egyptian and Greek myths using friends and family members as the leading characters. The first film, "Osiris Extant" is the story of Osiris, God of the earth, and his lover, Isis, Goddess of the sky. The second film, "Domestic Scenes from the House of Atreus" is a version of the Orestia, a Greek triology in which father kills daughter, mother kills father, son kills mother and is pursued by demons called the Furies.


Alan as Osiris

Still image from "Osiris Extant"


Tony as Horus

Still image from "Osiris Extant"


My mother as Clytemnestra


My sister, Ellen, as Iphigenia

Stills from "Domestic Scenes from the House of Atreus"