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B-Noir Film & Media


Room 101 - Do it to Julia
The Band That Never Was
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Sample Images

Here are samples of previous images we have created. These images are available if you would like to order one or more.

Prices for images depend on delivery method and whether or not you want exclusive license for the image. Please call or email us to discuss terms.

Sample Images

Tent Caterpillar(#2311)
Adobe Photoshop Image available as GIF, TIFF or JPEG

Tent Caterpillar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Adobe Photoshop Image available as GIF, TIFF, or JPEG

Firefly; Actual size=180 pixels wide

How to Order

To order one of our images or sounds, please contact us by phone (214) 692-9674 or email You can also email us directly from this webpage on the "Contact Us" page.