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L.T. Biggs Family Photos


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Ye Olde Family Photof

I've got so many of my childhood photos scanned in, I don't have room for them all on this site. So I will feature new old selections each month (or whenever I get time change them). Happy viewing and remember - if you've got photos to share - send them to me!

Daddy Jim, Mary Ann and Grandma Dell

Grandma Hestand and Daddy Jim are clearly awestruck at the site of their granddaughter, Mary Ann.

Don, Lester, Myrtle, Mary Ann, Nelda, Daddy Jim and Dell

The proud parents and grandparents gather under blue skies.

Whew!  What a stinker!

Rhetta gets some much needed diaper changing practice.

How do I look?

Only a few months old, Mary is already a slave to fashion.

This is my favorite part!

Baby Randall is shocked by Mary's taste in literature.

Gosh, wouldn't it be nice to see someone's baby photos besides Mary's up here? It sure would! Show me the photos, folks!